Sharing the struggles and celebrating the triumphs of being African American in the ballet world and beyond.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The start of a journey

I have thought about doing a blog for some time now. I knew what I wanted the concept of the blog to be, but could never quite figure out how and where to start. In the end I decided I would just dive in head first.

It seems as though that throughout my career people have been curious to know what I experienced as a black woman in ballet. If it wasn't the reporters, that seem to show up every other Black History Month, it was inquisitive students or mothers wanting to know what they are getting themselves or there child into. Often times, from my mouth to print, information would become misconstrued ( either because something was taken out of context or my full response was not printed). I wanted a place where I could answer questions and share my own story unedited.

This blog is intended for individuals who struggle with being a minority in the dance world ( especially the ballet world). I want to be able to share my experience with you, and the little knowledge that I learned along the way. Although, it is important to remember that each has his own journey and no two stories are the same, we can share our experiences to find the strength to persevere.

The title of the blog sprouted from this article in the New York Times, that raised the question of why there are so few women of color in ballet.