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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dear Aspiring Artist,

Throughout my career, I refused to allow the obstacles of fear or rejection to prevent me from obtaining my goals. Through belief in myself, support of loved ones and sheer force of will, I was able to leave my modest, working class home and perform in some of the world’s great halls and theatres. I have accomplished things in my short life that have been long unobtainable for so many. I am truly blessed and grateful to all those who have given me support and challenged me to be greater than even my own expectations.  That encouragement and inspiration fueled me, and I in turn would like to encourage young people struggling to realize their dreams to never give up hope! I am proud of my modest beginnings, strengthened by the hills and valleys I’ve walked throughout my career, and encouraged by my victory over adversity. You never know when your opportunity will present itself—so don’t give up on yourself or your passions!  Keeping believing in yourself and your reward will come by way of victory, or perhaps just the simple satisfaction that you invested your all, tried your best, and never gave up on yourself!

With love,
Aesha Ash

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  1. thanks! indeed it does encourages! XOXOXO