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Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer is here!

 Summer is here and so too is the mood of leisure and relaxation. For most dancers this is the time to search for new jobs, going on tour to new and exciting places, or getting a much needed respite from a demanding season. For my part, I will be taking the next several weeks to enjoy my family and friends while working on some personal projects. I am also interested in expanding the format of my blog and would love to hear your insights. 

This blog was inspired by the numerous dancers who have contacted me over the years seeking advice and mentorship. I wanted to provide a useful outlet to share information and common experiences, as well as give a piece of myself back to the art community that has given me so much. Initially, I wanted to help by sharing my experiences, but soon realized that I feel a deeper involvement when I hear about your journeys and respond to your questions.  I am considering adding a interactive element to my blog, where readers can share questions, concerns, grips or personal experiences. I have discovered that many artists that email me or post to this blog have similar areas of concern and interest. Many feel isolated and alone. I feel a more community based dialogue can help eliminate unnecessary feelings of isolation, as well as inspire. There are so many wonderful, yet unheard stories, so many moments of inspiration, triumph  and accomplishment—these victories, great and small, should be celebrated and shared.

My vision for this blog is to serve as catalyst for frank, honest and respectful dialogue, where our voices can be heard and our issues and concerns shared. I want artists to have a place to both celebrate their craft and challenge it when necessary. Nothing is off limits. I want to hear your stories, which are therapeutic not only to me,  but I hope to you and others as well.

Please feel free to write to this blog or leave a message on The Black Swan Diaries Faceook page. You may remain anonymous upon your request.

Thank you all for your support throughout the year. I am looking forward to hearing your input and sharing your insights. Have a great summer everyone!

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  1. Aesha, I know that you teach. But have you retired from dancing?